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Entertainment or Results?

You can get an insight into why you are where you are by looking at the ratio of the time you spend on entertainment, and the time you spend working towards your goals.

If you spend 80% of your time on social media, watching TV, playing computer games, or whatever it is you do for entertainment, and just 20% of your time working towards your goals (training if you want to be fitter; education if you want to be more successful; cooking if you want to eat better and be healthier etc.) then it’s fairly easy to see why you haven’t got the results you’d like.

If you could switch that to 80% of your time on education, training and cooking and just 20% of your time on “entertainment” then it’s quite likely, I’m sure you’ll agree, that you’ll be a lot closer to your goals a lot sooner.

Obviously, the ratio doesn’t have to be 80/20 but it serves as an example.

Also, before you start talking about "I'm at work for X hours...", we're talking about your free time - the time outside of your job.

Your job may not be optional, but how you spend your time outside of work is entirely up to you and it's your responsibility to spend that time wisely.

With regards to weight loss, muscle gain, fitness, health etc, could you spend a bit less time on social media and redirect that time to exercise?

Would your life be over if you didn’t watch yet another box set on Netflix? Probably not.

…but would that extra 30 or 60 minutes of walking every day make a difference to your life and health?


It’s a no-brainer really. It’s just a case of making that decision that your time is better spent on some things than others.

Yes, it’s “easier” to sit on your backside and watch TV for 3 hours a night than to “make yourself” go for a walk (especially when it’s cold, dark and wet outside), but that’s the price you have to pay to get better (and there’s always other stuff you can do if the weather’s miserable – do a workout indoors at home or the gym, stick a yoga DVD on, get yourself a Cross Trainer and actually use it!).

You don’t have to change everything completely, but could you, starting tonight, hold off from putting the TV on for just 30 minutes and go for a walk? Or do some other form of exercise at home? (or if you’ve got a goal outside of health and fitness, spend 30 minutes working towards that…?)

If you can do it tonight and the world doesn’t stop turning, is it fair to say you could do that most nights?

Any improvement in the ratio away from entertainment and towards results is a good change to make, and whilst you may not notice much change instantly, over the course of weeks, months and years, the effects will add up and compound and your future will look very different – in a good way! (and you won’t even remember the TV you didn’t watch!).

So my challenge to you, if you want to better yourself in any way, is to spend a little less time on mindless entertainment like social media and TV, and a little more time on the actions that will move you towards your goals.

Just think how much time you’ve wasted on these things over the years and then think what you could have done instead that would have actually benefitted you in some way! It annoys the hell out of me when I think of all the useful things I could have done instead of watching multiple episodes of some TV series night after night!

You don’t have to do much to improve, you just have to do something.

If you take up my challenge, let me know how you get on – send me a message, I’d love to hear your story and what you’ve done.



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