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Most Common Mistakes - Thinking you can BUY results!

As a Personal Trainer, this is a pet hate of mine, and I’m sure of many other Trainers too.

A lot of people hire a Coach/Trainer and think that’s enough to get them the results they want.

The truth is, it won’t. YOU still need to do the work. Simply having a Trainer, no matter how much you pay them, won’t get you results.

Your Coach is there to guide and advise you on what you need to do. It’s up to YOU to go away and do that.

Even in your sessions, your Trainer can only tell you what to do and push you to try your hardest, but if you’re not willing, no-one can make you do it.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of people come to me for help, thinking that by paying me they will get results, but they’ve not been willing to do what it takes.

In part, that may have been my fault, and finding some middle ground of what they’re willing to do could have worked for them, but for the results they were expecting, that wouldn’t have been enough.

Managing expectations is part of the job, letting you know what it will take to reach your goals in your desired timeframe; but some people want to world and aren’t willing to do what it takes.

You want fast results - you’re going to have to work harder and smarter, make some sacrifices, and do stuff even when you don’t feel like it.

You want the easy road - expect it to take a while!

Don’t pay a Trainer/Coach for a training and/or nutrition plan, then fail to follow it.

If you’re struggling with it, discuss that with the Coach, dial it back to a level you’re at least 90% sure you can do, and then go do that. As you progress, you can build it back up to something more advanced, when you’re ready to do so.

A good Coach will expect you to stay in contact (in fact, it will be required by good coaches), so ghosting them when they message or avoiding their calls (because you haven’t done what you were supposed to do) is NOT the way to go about things.

If you haven’t done something, your Coach will want to know WHY, and help you figure out a solution or a suitable alternative.

This is what coaching is. It’s not just giving you a training program and a diet to follow, it’s GUIDING you through the whole process, constantly monitoring and adjusting things as you go to ensure everything’s at your level and not too challenging, or not challenging enough.

It’s helping you figure out how YOU can do what you need to do to get the results YOU want.

Everyone’s different and struggles with different things physically, mentally and emotionally, so a one-off plan is rarely the answer. Ongoing support and coaching can be, IF you do what’s asked of you.

Seeing a Trainer 3 times a week isn’t going to get you great results if you’re spending the remaining 165 hours a week being lazy and ignoring your nutrition plan.

If you want help, and want coaching, and are willing to do the work and communicate what is and isn’t working on a regular basis, get in touch and let’s discuss getting you started with some Online Coaching.

No obligation, just a quick chat on the phone to see if it’s right for you.

You can contact me via Social Media (Instagram, Facebook) or through my website

I look forward to hearing from you!

And if you already have a plan - STICK TO IT!



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