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Most Common Mistakes - Focussing on what NOT to do/eat, instead of what you SHOULD do/eat

This is a hugely common mistake.

Many people, when embarking on a new fitness journey, start by eliminating this or that (predominantly foods) and the focus lies mainly on the things they’re trying to avoid.

This is like telling you not to think of a white elephant - it’s the first thing you think of.

...or when someone shouts “DON’T LOOK” - you know exactly what everyone’s going to do!

The key when starting a new nutrition plan is to focus not on what you’re trying to cut out, because if all you’re thinking is “I can’t have chocolate”, then 100%, you’re going to want chocolate because you’re thinking of it all the time!

You need to focus on what you’re trying to eat more of.

Focus on what you need to do. Not on what you’re trying not to do.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Instead of thinking of all the things you “can’t” eat, concentrate your attention on what you CAN eat.

Look for new things to try - fruits, vegetables etc.

Make sure you know there are plenty of options available to you so you aren’t feeling restricted, but actually have MORE to choose from.

Plan and prepare healthy snacks and meals, so that when you do start thinking of the foods you’re trying to cut back on, you have something else readily available, making it much easier to eat that instead of what you’re craving.

Want a snack and nothing’s ready? You’ll likely revert to old habits and reach for the sweets/crisps etc that you’re trying to avoid.

If you have healthy snacks ready, and ensure you don’t have your more tempting foods to hand, you’re far more likely to succeed.

Remember you’re not trying to cut these foods out completely - it’s important to keep the foods you enjoy the most in your diet, just reduce the consumption of them if they’re not conducive to your goals.

This is a really simple trick.

You won’t be able to stop yourself thinking about the foods you habitually reach for, but the more you focus on what you CAN have, the easier it will make things.

It’s just a case of planning ahead and knowing when you’re likely to want those comfort foods so you can avoid them and opt for something more healthy instead.

Start this year the right way.

Focus on what you want to do and achieve and go for it!



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