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One-to-One and Small Group Personal Training in Tredegar, Wales




Working with a Personal Trainer could be the answer to your problems.

Personal Training with Mark

A Personal Trainer can guide you through the most appropriate exercise program for you.

By assessing your current diet, fitness level, exercise capabilities and goals, we'll work together to decide on the best course of action that fits in with your lifestyle.

This is not just a "workout supervisor" or rep counter, but a training plan tailored to suit your needs.

Though changes will need to be made, we'll try to keep them as easy-to-implement as possible and unobtrusive to your life. After all, the best program for you, that will get you the best results, is the one that you can stick to.

We'll discuss how much time you have available to train, how you can incorporate more movement into your lifestyle, dietary changes that you feel confident you can do, and realistic expectations from your efforts.

Whatever training plan we decide on, you will feel confident that it's manageable and fits in with your lifestyle, and we can adjust things accordingly when life gets in the way.

Working together, we'll focus on your needs as well as your "wants" - a good plan should not sacrifice your health for quick results, but should improve your health whilst getting the results you want.

This is how Personal Training should be - Personal.


We'll adjust and adapt your program as you get fitter and stronger, and make any necessary changes if your circumstances change; both your diet and exercise plan should change as you do.


We'll work on constantly moving you forward with sensible progressions to gradually build a foundation of great health, making "dieting" a thing of the past, and exercise a part of your life, not a chore.

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One-to-One and small group Personal Training in Tredegar, Wales, United Kingdom

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