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Unlock Your Body's
True Potential by Transitioning to Movement-Based Training
and Put The Fun back into Working Out

Moving your body the way it was supposed to move, both in and out of the gym, is the key to better performance and pain-free living

Have you lost the love of training?
Do you get bored with the same old gym routines and frustrated that the more you train, the worse you seem to feel?

"Why can't I move as well as I used to?"

"Why do I keep getting injured when my lifts are getting stronger?"

"If I feel like this now, how am I going to feel in 10 years' time?!"

"This is starting to get a bit repetitive and boring!"

"I should be feeling better, not worse!"

I get it!

I was the same!

You’re annoyed because you’ve been training for years but are moving more like a robot than a gymnast (or even a human!).


You’re accumulating aches and pains and spend more days feeling stiff and awkward than not.


You’re a bit jealous of the guys doing cool stuff and suddenly less impressed by the guys lifting hundreds of kilos (very loudly!).


Or maybe you’ve realised that all this training hasn’t actually helped you in sport at all - you just get injured more!

Well, you can change all of that!

What if you could...

  • Feel better after training than you did before?

  • Learn to move the way we’re supposed to, and do stuff that most people in the gym can’t?

  • Reduce aches, pains, stiffness and injuries?

  • Build real-world, functional strength that you can maintain into old age?

  • Enjoy your training and take on new challenges?


“Since changing my training and stepping away from the traditional “gym exercises” I rarely suffer from the aches and pains I used to.
I enjoy the training and don’t get bored any more, and I just feel better in general!

I also feel confident that what I’m doing doesn’t have an expiry date like heavy lifting and Crossfit did - I feel like I could continue training like this forever, not constantly waiting for the next injury!”


Boost Performance, Reduce Injuries and Improve Your Health


The Move Better Program

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Please Note: Not all of these exercises will appear in your initial program - a gym isn't even necessary, just preferable.

The Move Better program is a 12-week training and lifestyle plan that teaches you how to use your body the way nature intended so you can benefit from better health, better athletic performance and fewer aches & pains.

Join Today and you'll get:

A Movement-based Training Plan


Your body was designed to move (and rest) in a certain way. It functions as a whole. Isolated exercises such as those found in traditional gym programs

DE-program your body from good movement.


By using exercises that respect the way your body is supposed to move, you are programming in good movement and enabling your body to move and function the way nature intended.


This means better coordination and balance, functional (useful) strength and efficient movement.


It also tends to mean fewer aches and pains as your joints are not being forced to move in unnatural ways.


Common-sense Nutrition Coaching


We hate “Diets”.


Instead, we take a common-sense approach to nutrition so you get to enjoy all the foods you love whilst still making progress towards your health and fitness goals, without the headaches of strict Diets and the inevitable blowouts that follow extreme Dieting.


Weekly progress checks


These ensure constant progress towards your goals and make sure you know exactly what you need to do going forwards. It’s also how we tackle any issues head-on as soon as they arise or prepare in advance for upcoming events that might throw you off track (like birthdays or holidays etc).


Lifestyle coaching


It’s not all about diets and training plans. What you do outside of the gym has a huge impact on your results (and life) so we go through habit and lifestyle coaching to make sure all bases are covered. This is often overlooked in many coaching plans.


Video demonstrations of all exercises


It’s important to know exactly what you need to do, so there’ll be a video demonstration for every exercise in your program so you’re never left guessing or googling exercises to see what they look like.


Exercise technique reviews


It’s quite normal to be a bit unsure if you’re doing exercises correctly, especially if they’re a bit different to what you’re used to, so if you’re unsure on any of the exercises in your program you’re encouraged to film yourself performing the exercise and send it to your coach for feedback and technique advice.


If you really can’t do an exercise (yet), we’ll replace it with a version you can do.


Long-term habit-stacking approach


Quick-fixes don’t work, and since we’re aiming for better health and longevity, not just a quick pre-holiday blitz, we take a longer-term approach.


By focussing on just one habit at a time, you can easily incorporate new, healthier habits and compound the positive effects without the stress of trying to change everything at once, and ensure that the changes you make stay with you for the long-term.

Sign up today, and you'll also get:

  • My 7-minute mobility routine to start your day right

  • My 18-page Personalised Nutrition Guide

  • A 30-minute zoom call with me to clear up any teething problems

Not sure if this is the right program for you?

See what others have said about the Move Better program...

"Since starting the mobility work, I cannot believe the difference in my joints! I've passed some of the exercises on to my 78 year old dad who also works out at the gym 3 days a week & he’s benefitted too. He showed his sports physio your video who was so impressed she asked for the link.

So thanks Mark !!!"

Ann J.


Jess D.

"Mark gave me the knowledge and motivation I needed to change my lifestyle entirely. Diet, exercise, motivation to go to the gym, and my entire outlook surrounding fitness and lifestyle as a whole.

10/10 for service, great value for money. Cannot recommend enough to anybody struggling with motivation to make the changes necessary."

Owain R.

About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Mark (that's me with my youngest, Bear)

I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2004 and I've helped thousands of people in their health and fitness journeys via 121 and group PT, Bootcamps and fitness classes, and online coaching.


I’m the barefoot weirdo in the gym that’s always doing something a bit different.


You might have caught me in the past doing squats and deadlifts, even a few bench presses and bicep curls dare I say it, but for a long time now I’ve been the one going against the grain, because I just got bored of that stuff.


Now I want to help people like me (and you) to:

- Escape the boredom of the out-dated, bodybuilding-style gym routines,

- Avoid making the mistakes that I made (and most people are making),

- Avoid the inevitable aches, pains and injuries that come with those exercises, and

- Reignite your love for training.


Gym training isn’t about improving your performance in the gym (unless your focus is purely on bodybuilding or powerlifting);


It’s about improving your performance everywhere else, outside of the gym.


So stop chasing numbers on “exercises” and start MOVING again.


Let me help you to Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better.

Will I move like a ninja after this?


There’s no way of knowing your true potential, however, training should continually improve the way you move, not gradually wear you down like regular gym training tends to do.


If you embrace a movement practice and commit to it, you’ll make constant progress and continue to master new movements and skills - who knows what you could achieve?!


I want to change the way I look - will this work?


Absolutely! Because our focus is on health, and a healthy body doesn’t want to hold on to excess body fat OR be under weight, your body will adapt to the training and nutrition.


You’ll still be working your muscles, just not on machines, so you can burn body fat and build muscle, changing the way you look the same as any other gym program can.


We just do it in a more functional (natural) way.


How much support will I get?


You’ll receive everything you need to get started when you sign up, but you’ll be expected to report back to your coach every week to let them know what’s going well/not so well so we can make sure you continue to make good progress and know exactly what you need to do.


If you have any questions between check-ins, you can contact your coach any time and we aim to respond within 24 hours.


You’ll also get a one-to-one zoom call when you sign up, and every 2 weeks to answer any questions you have.


I’m completely un-coordinated, can I do this?


Yes. We’ll adapt the program to meet you where you’re at.


Whatever level you’re at, we’ll make sure the program and the exercises within it are suited to your current ability.


I’m already in good shape/athletic, will this still be beneficial for me?




Chances are, you’ve been training in the traditional ways which actually program dysfunctional movement into your body.


You can always add movement complexity and build strength through movement.


Even if you’re athletic, you can build on your movement skills. The top athletes in the world are now turning to movement coaches to improve their performance and reduce injuries, so if it works for them, it’ll work for you.

Do I need to be a member of a gym to join the program?


No. Whilst being a gym member will give you a few more options in terms of exercises, it's absolutely not a necessity in order to Move Better!

The majority of the program uses just your own body, with the option to add external loads if available and beneficial. If you have some equipment available to use, we can integrate it into the plan if appropriate.


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