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Helping Golfers 
Move Better & Lower Scores

by addressing restrictions that could be holding you back

Online Coaching for Golfers who want to 
Improve Flexibility
Drive the Ball Further

Reduce Joint Pain & Stiffness 
Shoot Lower Scores

If you've tried:
Golf lessons
Changing your grip
Adjusting your stance
Altering your swing
Making compensations
...and anything else you could think of
but still play 
inconsistently, it could be that your body simply can't move into the positions required for a smooth, powerful, consistent swing.

Once your body can access the range of motion needed for Golf, your technique lessons will actually start to transfer from the range to the course.

If you're unable to ROTATE fully you'll be resigned to half-swings, compensations, loss of balance and common swing faults. These compensations can also show up as pain and/or injury.

Golf is an athletic sport!
Not just a good way to ruin a nice walk.
Few golfers recognise the need for improved physical condition in their pursuit of lower scores.
Don't be one of them!



- We start with an assessment to identify any short or tight muscles that could be restricting your swing

- We then set you up with a
personalised flexibility plan based on the results of your assessment

- We check-in every week to make sure you're 100% clear on what you need to do, and are actually doing it!

- You'll get a pre-game warm-up routine to go through before you play, incorporating some of your specific restrictions so you're ready to play your best right from the 1st Tee

- Once you've made progress with your mobility, we can start to add in postural and strength work, and eventually progress to training for more power

- We'll also cover some basic Nutrition - whilst it's not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about playing better golf, losing any excess weight will help with mobility and balance, as well as more sustained energy levels throughout the round
(no more getting tired on the back 9!)
And better health is 
always something to strive for!

- RESULTS! By using the strategies listed above we will be able to adapt your program as you progress, constantly working to improve and move you closer to your goals.



- Follow the Program - In order for you to get RESULTS from the program, you will need to stick to it. Do the work, follow the plan, and send your weekly check-ins back, on time, every week

- Communication - In order to get the most out of the program you need to communicate with your Coach so we can be sure you're doing what you need to do and progressing nicely

- Be honest. We can only know if the plan is working (or not) if you're sticking to it. If it's too much for you we can agree on a course of action that you feel comfortable with, just don't say you're following the plan if you're not

- Recognise that this isn't a quick-fix. Fitness should be an ongoing commitment, not just for better golf, but for your health too.
If you want to keep playing golf long into old age, start taking care of your body NOW!


Fill out the
Application Form
There's no commitment, we'll just arrange a time to talk and discuss your options, then if I think I can help you, and you're happy to proceed, we'll get you up and running in no time!

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