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Want to get Fitter, Stronger
and Healthier?

Join this 12-Week Group Coaching Program

Get the guidance you need with:

Plus the accountability you need to ensure you're doing what you need to do



If you're interested in learning what you need to do to improve your health rather than just "lose weight", then my 12-week Online Group Coaching program could be for you.


Keep reading to see if you fit the bill...


Basically, I take a group of people who are more concerned about their health and longevity than how much they can bench, and teach them the foundations of better health and fitness over the course of 12 weeks.


It's NOT a quick-fix "weight loss" program. It's a long-term approach for permanent results.



If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I don't work like most other trainers, and while some of what I say may seem a bit "out there", if you're willing to open your mind a little and give it a try, I know you'll notice the difference.


If you've ever tried the old "eat less, move more" strategy, you likely know that it's not that simple. It doesn't always work.


And if you've tried eating less and moving more and were somewhat underwhelmed at the results, it's likely that these underlying foundational principles were to blame.


You're not special. You're not different. If it didn't work for you, there's a reason for that.



The 12-week program covers what I think are the most important principles that you need to get lifelong results without the need for "Diets" or crazy workout routines.


  • We address lifestyle factors that are essential for optimal health. Without these, your "eat less, move more" calorie-counting strategy will fail before you even get started.


  • We'll go over Training and Exercise (not the same thing) and get you set up with a routine that fits into your schedule and is suited to your ability and fitness level.


  • We'll talk about nutrition (not "Diets") so you can learn what to eat more of, what to eat less of, when to eat (and when not to eat), and how to deal with holidays, eating out, nights out etc. 
    These are "rules" you can follow anywhere and everywhere, forever - not a fixed meal plan with calorie restrictions and points to count.


  • We'll also talk every week on a group call (fixed day and time) to go over the actions you need to take in the coming week, as well as address any issues you may have had the previous week, so we can resolve those issues and ensure you're on track and winning.
    These accountability calls are priceless and are your chance to get your questions answered and learn from both myself and the others in the group.




The idea of the 12 weeks is to build these foundations that you'll then be able to stick to and benefit from forever.


It's not a "lose X lbs in 90 days" type thing.


If you have excess body fat then yes, it's very likely that you'll start to shift that, but as I said, our focus is HEALTH and permanent changes that you'll benefit from long after the 12 weeks has passed.


Alongside the potential fat loss, you can expect to 

  • increase your energy levels, 

  • improve mental and physical health, 

  • increase fitness levels, 

  • improve recovery time, 

  • build some strength (and maybe some muscle),

  • look and feel better

...and if you play sports, you can expect your performance to improve too!




If you're impatient and just want to lose "weight" fast - this isn't for you.


If you don't want to/aren't willing to change anything - this isn't for you.


If you just want a menu to follow and an off-the-peg training plan - this isn't for you (you can google that).


If you want bodybuilding exercises and to brag about how much you can Squat/Bench/Deadlift - this isn't for you.


If you just want to get in shape for a holiday/photoshoot, then have a huge blowout and let it all go again - this isn't for you.





If you're willing to:

  • look at your schedule and lifestyle and prioritise your health,

  • make the necessary changes for the benefit of your health,

  • dedicate some time to exercise and for the weekly calls,

  • learn some new approaches to health beyond "Diet and exercise",

  • take a long-term approach to permanent results,

  • be open to trying something new and different, and

  • reap the rewards for years to come




If you're interested in joining the next cohort, fill in this interest form (no commitment yet, just register your interest and I'll be in touch)


Register Your Interest Here



Once I've confirmed the day/time for the weekly calls I'll let you know when we're starting and how you can get signed up.



If you have any questions just shoot me a WhatsApp


This could be a life-changing 12 weeks for anyone who commits to it.


I hope you're one of them!


Message me if you have a questions or register your interest now and we'll get you on the next group.



Chat soon!






What's the cost?

The 12-Week Health Coaching program is currently just £150 for the full 12 weeks but this price is likely to go up in future so get in fast!

How big are the groups?

In order to ensure that you get the attention you need, groups will be limited to a maximum of 20 people.

How do I sign up?

Since this is a group program and minimum numbers are required for each group, you'll need to fill in the form here to register your interest.

Once we have enough interest you'll be contacted with the days/times for the calls and how to sign up if you can make it.

Do I have to attend the calls?

Yes. This is a Coaching program, not just a workout and Diet plan. The calls are where we discuss the actions for the week ahead as well as ensure you're doing what you need to be doing and address any issues that may arise.

I understand issues can arise unexpectedly and you may miss a call, but I ask that you do your best to make all of the calls. Calls will be recorded so if you do happen to miss one, you can still watch the recording to catch up.

What's the referral program?

The referral program is a way for you to potentially get your coaching for FREE!

For everyone you refer who signs up for the program you'll receive £10 as a thank you.


There's no limit to this, so if you refer 15 people you could get your coaching for free! If you refer more than that, you'll be making money!

If you share this page with your friends/family/colleagues or on social media you could be on your way to getting free coaching! They just need to mention your name on the form when they fill it out.

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