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Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

MoveBetter.Club is a membership site that gives you everything you need to live a healthier life. Not just 'workouts and a "Diet" plan'.

By becoming a member you get access to:


An ever-growing functional workout collection

Nutrition guidance

Sleep Guidance

Rest and Recovery

Breath work

Lifestyle Changes

Monthly Challenges


Exclusive Discounts


PLUS New content added weekly



If you integrate the lessons contained in the site, you'll be on the path to improving every aspect of your health and life.


Not just "following a plan for X number of weeks", but changing the way you live for permanent changes and benefit.


All for less than the cost of one takeaway!

Joining a gym is great, you get access to equipment;

but if you still don't know what to do there, it's not money well spent.

Invest in learning what you need to do to Move Better, Improve your Health and reach your Fitness Goals, and you'll be successful whether you're a gym member or not. 


It's a great bolt-on to your gym membership, but just as beneficial if you don't want to train in a gym.

Join the MoveBetter Club today and get everything you need to succeed.





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An ever-growing functional workout collection

You'll be able to log in and select a workout based on the time you have available (5-10 minutes, 10-20 minutes, 20-30, 30-45, 45+ minutes)

Then, you can choose your workout based on what equipment you have available, if any, and the intensity level of the workout.

New workouts will be added weekly.

These workouts aren't your typical "3 sets of 10" gym routines that you can find in any fitness magazine. As per the MoveBetter philosophy, these workouts are designed to make you Move Better by building strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, concentration, movement skills and strength through real-world movements, not just "exercises".


Nutrition guidance


This is set out in a way that will teach you how to eat for better health that will enable you to progress at a pace that suits YOU. 

There's no "eat this, don't eat that" or "follow this eating schedule and menu", it's the basics that need to be addressed before all else.

This will enable you to make better food choices ALL OF THE TIME, even when you're out, on holiday, away from home, or any other time you tend to struggle to follow your regular "Diet".

This is a lifestyle and habit-based approach to nutrition that will install the habits you need to eat well forever, not just while you're "on a Diet" or trying to follow a specific plan (because that's no way to live!).



Sleep Guidance

When I surveyed my social media followers over 60% of them said they have trouble sleeping well.

Sleep is fundamental to health, so we'll cover some of the things you can do to promote good quality sleep.

There's a LOT you can do to improve your sleep.

This carries over into every aspect of your life - health, fitness, fat loss, energy levels, focus and concentration, relationships, business/work.

Not to be overlooked!



Rest and Recovery

In order to get the benefit from your workouts, you need adequate recovery, not just sleep, but other techniques you can use to de-stress.

You'll discover some of the techniques you can use to relieve stress, boost mood and promote better health.



Breath work

Learn why you're probably breathing wrong! And some techniques you can use to improve the way you breathe to promote better health.



Lifestyle Changes

What you do for the 23+ hours of the day outside of your workouts has far more impact on your overall health and wellbeing than the time you spend in the gym.

You'll learn a number of lifestyle habits that you can start to incorporate into your day-to-day life that will have a huge bearing on your health and how you feel.


Monthly Challenges

Each month we'll have a monthly challenge.

This gives you the chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone a little, in the company of your fellow members.

Being part of a group who are all going through it together really helps motivate and encourage you to do what you said you'd do.

Some will be mental, some will be physical, some will be both, but all should challenge you to grow and improve.

It's strongly advised to join these monthly challenges - the ones you want to do the least are the ones that will bring you the most benefit.

My aim with this site is to provide you with everything you need to get the best results possible, and to cover all of the pieces of the puzzle that are often left out of regular "Gym and Diet" programs.

The site will continue to grow and you get a say in what content you'd like to see more of by providing feedback and questions.

Whether you train in a gym or not, this is the missing piece of the puzzle that will accelerate your results not just for the short-term, but forever.

Sign up now to get started

There's no joining feeno contract, and all the free parking you could want ;)

There's no better way to spend a tenner!

(Yes, you read that right - just £10 a month for all of this!)

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